Tech Task #1

Hi everyone,

My name is Andrea Danderfer and I am currently in the last semester of the Secondary Education Program. I am majoring in Health and minoring in Physical Education. I am originally from Battleford, SK and came to the University of Regina because of the direct entry oppotunity into the Faculty of Education.

I unfortunately only have a basic skill level when it comes to technology. During my internship I didn’t get the opportunity to work with a smart board as many of my fellow classmates have. I feel that implementing technology into the classroom is so important in aiding student learning. It makes student learning more interactive and engaging. Technology is ever changing and is an integral part of student lives outside of school. Why not bring these new technologies that students find interesting. By implementing technology we are also teaching students how to use these ever changing technologies. Having good technical skills will be a requirement in the future when people apply for jobs.  I wish that I would of been able to implement technology more during my internship which is why I decided to take this class.

I am hoping to learn how to create an online portfolio, create and edit videos, use twitter, and familiarize myself with other resources and tools that will be useful in the classroom.

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