Tech Task#3:Media Response

Mae Jemison on Teaching Arts and Sciences together Video


Mae Jemison speaks about the importance of teaching arts and sciences together rather than as separate entities. By  providing an education that incorporates a balance between intuition and logic we will develop stronger thinking skills in our students. Jemison declares that if we continue to teach the sciences and arts separately we are failing to act for the future of our society. As educators we need to revitalize the arts and sciences and take responsibility for the future.

I completely agree with Mae Jemison’s vision of incorporating the arts and sciences. Educators and schools have supported that these two subject areas are polar opposite of each other. When we examine these subject areas more closely we learn this is not true. In science you need to be creative as well as analytical. Many of our modern conveniences and scientific break throughs are due to creative minds. Like wise the plays, sculptures, paintings, movies, etc. that we enjoy in life wouldn’t be available without analytical thinking. Why would we expect students to choose either logic or intuition when we know incorporating both will create strong thinking individuals?

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