YouTube in the Classroom

After last week’s Tech Task I found myself wondering how beneficial YouTube would be in the classroom. It provides a place for everyone to express themselves and be heard. YouTube is used by so many people that you would always have an audience. Not only will it allow students to share their ideas with others, teachers can use YouTube to show videos that make their lessons more engaging.  My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to research the idea of using YouTube in the classroom. I came across another blog, 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning, which helped direct me to some useful sites.   I decided to go directly to YouTube and search using YouTube in the classroom and came across How To Use YouTube in the Classroom. This video demonstrates some educational uses for YouTube in the classroom.

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3 Responses to YouTube in the Classroom

  1. courosa says:

    Youtube is really HUGE for the classroom. Thanks for doing a little relevant exploration and discovery!

  2. Aimee Cronan says:

    Not only is Youtube great for allowing students to express themselves, but it also helps to broaden their worldview by seeing others perspectives. Also, it is a great teaching tool for demonstrating abstract concepts!

  3. Brandee says:

    I remember a good debate in internship about using youtube in the classroom and all the teachers loved the idea. Some worried about inappropriate ads or videos showing up on the sides but it seemed as though everyone had good experiences! Thanks for sharing the links!

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