Skype in the Classroom

I believe Skype will become an extremely useful tool in schools across Saskatchewan. I unfortunately haven’t always thought this way. I thought Skype was an awesome tool but never really gave it much consideration for it usefulness in the classroom.  I hope to teach in a small town in Saskatchewan. I know that it will be difficult to have various professionals come into the classroom because of geographical distances. Skype provides the opportunity for students to experience presentations and interact with  professionals they may not have otherwise been able to experience. Collaboration is such an important part of learning and growing as professional. In smaller communities the colleagues available to collaborate with is sometimes limited. Skype allows educators to connect with other educators who  teach similar subjects. the learning communities being created through Skype is absolutely amazing. While expanding my knowledge of Skype I found a coupele interesting websites I would like to share: 50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom and Tips for Using Skype in the Classroom. Many videos were posted about using Skype in the classroom on YouTube, one I found particularly cool was Skype in the Classroom. This video depicts a class skyping with a man who is a truck driver. The class had recently read a book where the main characters dad was a truck diver. The class was able to ask this man any questions they had come up pertaining to truck driving. I really look forward to being able to experiment with using Skype in my own classroom some day.

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3 Responses to Skype in the Classroom

  1. robinbenz says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for the valuable resources and additional articles – they give great ideas for teachers!

  2. jvvt says:

    I agree. Skype can bring in world learning and also focus on certain subject learning which students can interact and experience. To connect with a class across the world or hear about science from an expert is interactive learning at its finest. To be connected to the world and learn about subjects in world context I believe is beneficial to our students. Through Skype they will learn how to shape the world by experiencing the Education and knowledge it has to offer.

  3. msvolk says:

    Great resources – thanks so much!!

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