Should Students be Able to Use Their Cell Phones in Class?


I was on the fence about whether cell phones should be used in class. It wasn’t until Dean Shareski mentioned how Craik School was using cell phones successfully in the classroom that I thought cell phones many be able to aid learning rather than hinder it. So I decided to research both sides before making my choice. I found the site students and cell phones which explored both pros and cons of cell phone use in the classroom:  cell phones create instant communication where parents are able to reach their children if need be and vice versa, and usefulness in emergencies. Cell phones now a days have similar capabilities to computers allowing for internet access, calculators, and storage of important information. Although cell phones have many positive uses they can also be a distraction, allow students to cheat, could be used to take or send inappropriate photos, and not all students will have a cell phone. 10 ideas for using cell phones in education include: student polling; finding definitions; currency conversion; math equations; translations; use of the internet for research, reading news articles and current events, and read books; download educational programs; use video camera for projects; educate about appropriate social use; and for sharing lectures, lessons, projects, etc.

I have decided that I think cell phones do have their uses in the classroom. I used to think that they would just be a distraction for students. If we teach students how to use their cell phones for learning and proper social use I think it would diminish students using them as a distraction. We live in a world where people are attached to their cell phones and use them daily. People have this constant connection to others and the world around them. I think we have to shift our views that cell phone use in the classroom is negative. I think it is important to implement cell phones because the play such an important role in students lives outside of school. We know that integrating what students find interesting or what is relevant to their lives into the classroom this will only enrich students’ learning environments. This is  not to say that implementing cell phone use will not be a challenge but I think it will be worth it.

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16 Responses to Should Students be Able to Use Their Cell Phones in Class?

  1. misformia says:

    I agree! I didn’t really have a strong opinion either way until a few years ago – but I think the positives greatly outweigh the negatives. It would be challenging, but having an almost instant connection to the outside world creates new and exciting possibilities for the classroom.

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