What is the Role of Openness in Education?


I came across David Wiley’s Open Education and the Future presentation on YouTube. His video really got me thinking about the shift from a more closed education to an open one and how this is going to affect me as an educator. Openness is about being generous and freely sharing materials and resources. Today openness is the only way to educate. David Wiley in his video stated that “if there is no sharing there is no education”. There has been this shift from only one person having access to one source of information to numerous people being able to access the same information because of technology.  With technology there are extraordinary opportunities to access and share information.  This is the first time that people are able to share expertise without giving it away. As an educator I will have the ability to access and share lesson ideas, classroom management ideas, extra curricular ideas, various issues that will arise, etc. I feel that this openness to share and collaborate with colleagues will only aid in creating richer learning environment for students. As well this access to information will help me to continue professional growth and allowing me to be a life long learner. Technology has created this constant connection between people around the world and current events. As educators we need to start implementing what is happening in the real world into the classroom. We now live in a global community where things happening across the world will affect us. It is important for students to learn about these issues to become global citizens.

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