Tech Task#10

21st Century Learning

We now live in a technology saturated global society. Children need to learn the skills to become functioning citizens such a society. According to Tony Wagner there are seven survival skills we need to help students achieve. The skills include: critical thinking and problem solving; collaboration across networks and leading by influence; agility and adaptability; initiative and entrepreneurialism; effective oral and written communication; accessing and analyzing information; and curiosity and imagination.

Although many children have the skills to use different technologies according to Dr. Micheal Wesch they are not truly media literate. He point out, that most children are using technology for entertainment purposes only. In, order for our students to become media literate Dr. Wesch states that we need to create learning experiences where students are researching, analyzing, synthesizing, critiquing and creating new knowledge.

This all seems great but how am I going to ensure that my students become media literate? 21st Century Schools provides a chart that summarizes how to create a 21st century classroom. Just to name a few, a 21st Century classroom is outcome-based rather than time-based; focuses on what students know, can do, and are like after all the details are forgotten; provides learning that is designed around synthesis, analysis, and evaluation; is research driven; promotes active learning; is student-centered; and is interdisiplinary. Although there is this shift in education there are still some things that remain the same. I believe that each child deserves to have their needs met; we need to teach to the whole child; we need to adapt to ensure all children succeed; and community and family play an important role in education.

With this strive towards 21st Century Learning. There a numerous tools teacher can use in the classroom to faciliate learning. Alec showed us the website Top 100 Tools for Learning. This website gives a snap shot of the most useful tools for educators. I think this site will come in handy in the future because everything is in one place. There are so many tools available to help teachers create meaningful learning experiences. I am excited to try out these tools in my future classroom.

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