Tech Task#6

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YouTube in the Classroom

After last week’s Tech Task I found myself wondering how beneficial YouTube would be in the classroom. It provides a place for everyone to express themselves and be heard. YouTube is used by so many people that you would always have an audience. Not only will it allow students to share their ideas with others, teachers can use YouTube to show videos that make their lessons more engaging.  My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to research the idea of using YouTube in the classroom. I came across another blog, 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning, which helped direct me to some useful sites.   I decided to go directly to YouTube and search using YouTube in the classroom and came across How To Use YouTube in the Classroom. This video demonstrates some educational uses for YouTube in the classroom.

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Tech Task#5

My partner and I were required to create a “Mastercard” style video for our ECMP 355 course. It’s called The Perfect Date…

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Tech Task#3:Media Response

Mae Jemison on Teaching Arts and Sciences together Video


Mae Jemison speaks about the importance of teaching arts and sciences together rather than as separate entities. By  providing an education that incorporates a balance between intuition and logic we will develop stronger thinking skills in our students. Jemison declares that if we continue to teach the sciences and arts separately we are failing to act for the future of our society. As educators we need to revitalize the arts and sciences and take responsibility for the future.

I completely agree with Mae Jemison’s vision of incorporating the arts and sciences. Educators and schools have supported that these two subject areas are polar opposite of each other. When we examine these subject areas more closely we learn this is not true. In science you need to be creative as well as analytical. Many of our modern conveniences and scientific break throughs are due to creative minds. Like wise the plays, sculptures, paintings, movies, etc. that we enjoy in life wouldn’t be available without analytical thinking. Why would we expect students to choose either logic or intuition when we know incorporating both will create strong thinking individuals?

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Tech Task#2: Writing Prompts

Facebook – to use or not to use? Should teachers be friends with students on Facebook? This has been an ongoing debate educators have been faced with as schools take a giant step towards integrating technology into the classroom.  Like all controversial topics Facebook use in the classroom has it’s supporters as well as opposers.

Supporters of Facebook in the classroom are adamant that Facebook can be used for class projects, improved communication, and student engagement that was never possible in the traditional classroom.   Online shares 100 ways to use Facebook effectively in the classroom.  Most kids are already active users of Facebook and check the site everyday. In addition to high student usage,  Facebook also contains features such as bulletin boards, instant messaging, email, and  the  capacity to for posting videos and pictures. Check out the educational apps on Facebook at The Facebook Classroom.Facebook offers a place for students to help one another and offer support regarding class assignments, projects, or exams. Teachers can use Facebook to connect with students regarding assignments, upcoming events,  and other useful information from outside the classroom. With all these benefits why are there still opposers to teachers and students being friends on Facebook?

Some people believe that in order to maintain respect there has to be a distance between teachers and students. Once students and teachers become friends on Facebook they is no longer that distinction between teacher-student relationship and friendship. Your personal life outside of school no longer exists. You always hear about sexual assault allegations between teachers and students, Facebook is just another place where such allegations can occur. As a teacher you don’t have control over what your students are posting and this can reflect badly on you.  

After weighing both sides of the debate I must say I’m a supporter of Facebook in the classroom but with some restrictions. If Facebook is to be used in the classroom I would create a new Facebook account for the purpose of the classroom. This account would only contain information about the class. I would also add parents and/or other teachers so they know exactly what is going on as well. I would never add a student to my personal Facebook account because I feel that there still needs to be some distance to maintain a proper relationship. I want to maintain a distinction that a  teacher- students relationship is different from a friendship.

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Tech Task #1

Hi everyone,

My name is Andrea Danderfer and I am currently in the last semester of the Secondary Education Program. I am majoring in Health and minoring in Physical Education. I am originally from Battleford, SK and came to the University of Regina because of the direct entry oppotunity into the Faculty of Education.

I unfortunately only have a basic skill level when it comes to technology. During my internship I didn’t get the opportunity to work with a smart board as many of my fellow classmates have. I feel that implementing technology into the classroom is so important in aiding student learning. It makes student learning more interactive and engaging. Technology is ever changing and is an integral part of student lives outside of school. Why not bring these new technologies that students find interesting. By implementing technology we are also teaching students how to use these ever changing technologies. Having good technical skills will be a requirement in the future when people apply for jobs.  I wish that I would of been able to implement technology more during my internship which is why I decided to take this class.

I am hoping to learn how to create an online portfolio, create and edit videos, use twitter, and familiarize myself with other resources and tools that will be useful in the classroom.

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