Philosophy of Education

I am I life-long learner whose philosophy of education is being shaped as I encounter new experiences that in turn influence my professional development. The following philosophy statements are works in progress and I hope to continuing shaping my philosophy of education as I encounter new experiences.


– I believe that passion and enthusiasm will go a long way in creating a meaningful learning experience for children. Enthusiasm is contagious! Classes will be much more interesting and engaging when the teacher is excited about what they are teaching. This will encourage students to get excited about what they are learning in class.

– I believe treating students with understanding and compassion is imperative to building healthy relationships. Problems occurring outside of school will impact student behaviour during school. It is with understanding and compassion that such issues should be addressed. Healthy relationships between teacher and students will aid in addressing classroom management problems.

-I believe in implementing multicultural education. Multicultural education encourages critical thinking, decision making, prejudice reduction, equity, and empowerment.

– I believe in using an inquiry-based approach in the classroom. Students have deeper learning experiences when they are able to construct their own knowledge and meaning rather than having a teacher tell them so. This shift from being a dictator to a teacher facilitator will allow students to go on a learning journey to find meaning. The focus being on the process rather than the product.

– I believe in being a role model. As educator we need to be responsible and accountable for what we are doing. We greatly influence student’s lives everyday whether we are aware of it or not.

– I believe learning is constant and life-long. Learning is diverse happening at anytime anywhere. I want to help students to become life-long learners and find enjoyment in learning.  I believe constant reflection and life-long learning is crucial for personal growth.

– I believe in adapting to the needs of all students. Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed. It is the job of the educator to create learning experiences that are meaningful for all students. The educator must make adaptations to content, process, product, environment, assessment and evaluation to ensure student success.

– I believe in the use of technology in the classroom. Technology allows for teachers to stay current with what’s happening in the field education; engages students; promotes critical thinking skills, inquiry and collaboration; provides an audience for student work; and allows for experts to be brought into the class.

– I believe in the importance of daily physical activity. I want to foster my students development of positive attitudes and habits towards life long physical activity and a health life-style.



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